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You can find a wide variety of power cords on the market today. These cords are used for a variety of devices including information technology equipment and consumer electronics. sources from medcom They can also be used outdoors or in hazardous areas. They are available in different lengths, sizes, and insulations. Here are some common types of power cords. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some examples of power cords and their uses. To choose the right cord for your needs, follow the tips below.

First, you’ll want to determine the voltage rating. Typically, you’ll need a cord with a current rating of 20 amps or higher. For instance, a plug that’s NEMA L14-30P must be paired with an L6-30R receptacle. A hospital grade power cord contains a hospital-grade plug, which meets stricter quality standards than a non-hospital grade cord.

The type of plug and receptacle that the cord uses should be certified to meet the UL 498 standard. The cord’s conductor size is measured in mm2 (millimeters). Cords used in North America have unique nomenclature, such as SVT and SJT. Some countries use UL 817 and IEC 60320 as their standards. These are the most commonly used cords.

The main difference between two types of power cords is their design and safety. NEMA 5-15P plugs and NEMA 5-15R receptacles are generally similar, although some products may have different standards. A power cord that meets these standards is often more durable and more reliable than one that doesn’t. You’ll also save money in repair costs and other related expenses. This is why you should always opt for a high-quality power cord.

Volex is a leading manufacturer of power cords and power connectors. They sell to manufacturers around the world, including those in the U.S. and Canada. They also offer “plug and forget” power solutions. These cords come with a female plug that engages the appliance. You can use these cords to power various electrical products in your home. You’ll be amazed at the number of applications that they can serve.

Another useful feature of power cords is their versatility. Not only do they allow you to connect devices from far away, but they can also be used to power rechargeable batteries. You can buy one that is universally compatible for different brands. These cords are lightweight and convenient to use. Besides, they also provide power to power tools and emergency medical devices. In addition, you can choose from an endless number of colors, styles, and designs.

Types of Power Cords and Their Uses